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Cheddar Point of Sale frees you up from the hassles of managing your POS, so that you can focus on running your business more successfully.

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Cheddar Restaurant Point of Sale is an All-In-One Restaurant Management System, designed to manage your Front-of-House, Back-of-House, and Employee Management functions. With customizable options, our systems perfectly suite Restaurants and Bars of all sizes.

Easy to Navigate
Front-of-House Software

Our easy to navigate Front-of-House system makes it easy for your Staff to perform all of the necessary functions to keep your Restaurant or Bar running smoother than ever.

Powerful Back-of-House
To Run Your Business

Easily set up and manage your Employees, Menus, Discounts, and other Back-of-House functions. Our Cloud Connect provides you with actionable insights and superior tools.


We are Here to Help Your Business Succeed!

Perfect for any food or drink establishment

Quick Service

Slice through busy lines with our feature rich POS system, designed for Quick Service and Fast Casual Restaurants.

  • Cash Discount & Credit Card Payment Surcharging

  • In-House Delivery Module & Online Ordering

  • Customized Rewards, Discounts, Promotions & Gift Cards

  • Customer-Facing Display with Sign & Tip on Screen

  • Capture Customer Loyalty & Display Promotions

  • Dine In & Take Out Options

  • Portable Tablet Ordering for Orders on the Move

  • Text or Email Customer Receipts

Full Service

Cheddar POS combines Front-of-House and Back-of-House functionality, to bring the finest quality Guest experience to your Casual or Fine Dining Restaurant.

  • Online Table Reservation System

  • Kitchen Display Systems

  • Robust Ticket Management Features

  • Transfer, Split or Combine Checks

  • Advanced Seat & Course Settings

  • Cutting-Edge Pay-at-the-Table Options

  • Customized, Software & Device Tip Management


Cheddar POS provides a truly seamless experience for your Bar or Nightclub, that your Customers and Bartenders will love.

  • Dynamically Pre-Auth Credit Cards for Open Tabs

  • Increase Pre-Auth Amounts in Real-Time

  • Taxes Included & Smart Tax Calculations

  • Fast Menu & Quick Tab for Faster Open/Close of Orders

  • Track Rental Times for Pool Tables or Game Rentals

  • Optional Guest Counts & Server Assignments


Use our customized systems to manage your business more efficiently, so that you can focus on keeping your products fresh and always sold-out.

  • Inventory Tools to Keep Products Fresh

  • Waiting, To-Go & Hold Order Features

  • Support for Promotions, Discounts & Bundles

  • Advanced Product Order Level Modifier Options

  • Integrated Online Ordering for Catering & Pre-Orders

Coffee Shop

Whether you have a Coffee Shop with a specialized menu or a Café with longer lines, Cheddar POS has the most High-Tech solutions available.

  • Advanced Menu Modifiers

  • Label Printer Support

  • Kitchen & Order Display Systems

  • Customer-Facing Payment Devices

  • Ordering Kiosks & Menu Displays


Completely customized and unique Station settings per Bar, Bartender or Server Station. Cheddar POS adapts exactly to your needs, not the other way around.

  • Advanced Table & Seating Layouts

  • Customize Menu Setup per Bartender & Waitress

  • Manage Liquor Inventory & Keep Items Stocked Up

  • Sale Restrictions Per Menu Item & Inventory

  • Bar Tab by Name or Table & Seat


Guaranteed to Meet Every One of Your Needs!

Features You'll Love


Deliver an amazing guest experience with our robust Front-of-House features.

  • Easy to Navigate Menu for Quick Order Placements

  • Customized Modifiers for Proper Order Entry & Special Requests

  • Multi-Printer Support for Kitchen & Bar Tickets by Menu Item

  • Customer-Facing Display for QSR with Customized Messaging

  • Cash Discount, Gift/Loyalty Cards & Misc Payment Tracking

  • Dine In, Take Out, or Delivery Management

  • Integrated Online Ordering & Pre-Order Options


Your Kitchen Staff will be all smiles while using our unique Back-of-House functions and advanced tools.

  • Kitchen Printer & Kitchen Display System Options

  • Customized Kitchen Tickets for Multiple Languages

  • Fire Off Courses Separately to the Kitchen for Timely Serving

  • Multi-Printer Setup to Send Orders to Proper Back-of-House Units

  • Inventory Management & Quantity Notifications

Marketing & Loyalty

Put more Cheddar in your pocket by using our Marketing and Loyalty tools to attract more Customers than ever before!

  • Built-In SMS & Email Marketing Tools

  • Customized URLs for Online Ordering & Table Reservations

  • Unique Gift Cards, Rewards & Loyalty Programs

  • Customer-Facing Display for Promotional Messaging

  • Opt-In Capturing of Customer Information for Marketing

Business Management

Run your Business and get actionable insights from anywhere, with our Cloud Connect reporting and Business Management tools.

  • Employee Management & Time Tracking

  • Real-Time Menu Updates with Cloud Sync Features

  • Restricted Access for Servers, Managers & Owners

  • Many Customized Reports for Servers, Taxes, Sales & More

  • Event Logger to Track All Usage on System

  • Employee Scheduler & Direct Messaging

  • Analytics for Labor Costs & Profits

Flexible Payment Options

Collect payments however you prefer with our full array of payment acceptance features.

  • Universal Payment Processor Integrations

  • EMV Chip & Contactless Payments Certified

  • Customer-Facing Cash Discounting & Surcharging

  • Quick Tab, Flexible Pre-Auth & Open Tabs

  • Customer-Facing Displays for Signature Capture

  • Integrated Online Ordering & Payments

  • Round-Up for Charity Options

  • Quick Access to Open Tabs & Re-Print Closed Tickets

  • Customized Tracking for all Major 3rd Party Online Payments

Online Ordering & Reservations

With our integrated solutions, you can get on the Web and increase your business with only one click.

  • Integrated into Your Website for Seamlessly

  • Standalone Marketing & Online Payments

  • Customized Cheddar Tables Website for Reservations

  • Advanced Location & Table Layout Capabilities

System Reliability

Our System is designed based on many years of time-tested experience with what Restaurants need in real-time, every single day.

  • Hybrid Server System to Run Even During Internet Outages

  • Cloud Access & Real-Time Updates

  • Central Database Syncing & Backups of All Station Data

  • Event Logs & Host/Terminal Capture

  • Remote Settlements with Optional Manual/Auto Batching

  • Utmost Reliable Cloud Servers & Redundancies Available


Designed for Restaurants by Restaurant Experts

Meet Our Team

Our team is ready to help your business thrive, with a combined experience of over 100 years with Software Technology, Payments, POS Hardware, Business Logistics and Restaurant Management. Plus, admit it, our Caricatures look snazzy…

Kourosh has well over 30 years’ experience as a Software Engineer, working with multiple disciplines and software languages. His last role was with PAX Technologies, one of the world’s largest Payment Hardware manufacturing Companies. Prior to that role, he was the Senior Software Engineer for Gravity Payments. His experience in software and payments brings a unique combination to the Cheddar team, giving us the best of both worlds. His favorite cheese is Feta and he will help your business make endless amounts of Cheddar!

Kourosh Tari, Co-Founder & C.T.O.

Glenn brings over 30 years of experience with Business Development, Integrated Payments, Software Solutions, Payment Hardware, Point of Sale and Payment Technology Management to the Cheddar Team. He has worked in various capacities including C-Level Management, Sales, Operations, and Partner Acquisitions. His favorite cheese is Mozzarella, but he will help you acquire more Cheddar!

Glenn Witt, Co-Founder & C.E.O.

Joshua brings 20 years of diverse experience to the Cheddar team, with Business Development, Software Sales, Marketing, Partnerships, Hardware Deployment, Logistics and Project Management. He has worked in various roles throughout his career in the Payments Industry as well, building new Reseller Channels and working with many thousands of ISOs, VARs, ISVs and Agents. He is known for his “Go Above & Beyond” motto, and he strives to make sure that we will always exceed our Partners’ greatest expectations. His favorite cheese is Swiss, but he will help you earn way more Cheddar!

Joshua Epright, Co-Founder & E.V.P. Business Development

Minda brings over 18 years of Restaurant Management and Consultation experience to the Cheddar Team. She has worked in every role for small and large scale Restaurants, Bars and Wineries around the Country. She has trained, managed and set up systems and processes for Restaurants, and worked with dozens of other POS Systems. Her experience adds a firsthand point of view of a Restaurant and Bar Business Owner, their daily challenges and how we can continue to optimize Cheddar for our Customers. Her favorite cheese is Brie, but she will help your business gain a lot more Cheddar!

Minda Harrell, V.P. Customer Success

Joseph adds an extremely unique array of expertise and over 20 years of related experience to the Cheddar team.  He has worked with many of the largest IT Companies to help design optimally efficient Training, Configuration and Operational procedures for complex software and hardware products. He has managed large Customer Service, Help Desk and Call Center teams, and he even served as a Chef with leading the Back-of-House Kitchen roles for many years.  His favorite cheese is none other than cheddar, so it is only fitting that he will help you obtain loads of Cheddar too!

Joseph Epright, V.P. Partner Success


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What Our Customers Say

We’ve used many tablet-based systems for our Restaurant and Bar, but we love that Cheddar offers so many unique features with a Windows-based system. We’d never go back to the more expensive and much less diverse tablet-based systems.

Sam T.

Restaurant Manager

What Our Customers Say

I operate a Bar and Pork BBQ Grill and we receive a ton of phone orders. We have used many other systems that don’t offer phone order history and text notifications. This is vital to us and we are very happy we found Cheddar.

Raymond D.

Bar & Grill Owner

What Our Customers Say

I own a Pizza and Subs Restaurant, I’ve used the leading Pizza Shop specific POS systems but Cheddar Point of Sale has many unique features and additional integrated solutions that impress me and exceed my expectations.

Alonso M.

Restaurant Owner
Everything is Better with Cheddar!
About Cheddar POS

Cheddar POS was Founded by Point of Sale and Restaurant Management experts, with over 100 years of related experience. The artful design of all of our features and integrated solutions are based on those time-tested methods and proficiencies. Cheddar POS systems will help Merchants optimize performance, improve logistics, and run their businesses better.

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